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It’s every parents worst nightmare to have a child that is a hitter, biter, scratcher, or just downright aggressive to other children. It’s frightening to see your child hurt another child and embarrassing that you’re not able to control their behavior. The first step is understanding the underlying reasons why your child is choosing to act out this way and choosing how to react.

Here a few tips of what to do when you see this type of behavior in your child, according to

  1. Step in and Stop it Immediately… At the first sign, immediately step in and remove him from the situation.. trying to “talk through” the problem normally doesn’t work cause a child’s attention span isn’t long enough for a long explanation. A simple yet firm statement such as, “We don’t bite” should suffice while you turn your attention to the victim… consoling the victim and ignoring the aggressor.
  2. Lower Your Voice—Don’t Raise It… It’s easy to respond with yelling or anger, but remember, your child is looking to you for cues on how to control his impulses and have good behavior.
  3. Practice Ways to De-fuse your Child’s Anger..explain to them that u get angry too and what u do to calm yourself down
  4. Be Appreciative of their Efforts…When you catch your child being good, be sure to praise their hard work and efforts. That motivates your child to continue to do better.

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