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Aaron Hernandez At Locker

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Ever since the Netflix documentary dropped, people have been trying to figure out if he was bisexual or not. His fiance, Shayanna Jenkins -Hernandez says she had no idea he was attracted to men. Now Aaron’s brother, Jonathan Hernandez, had a sit down on Dr. Oz revealing that Aaron actually told their mother he was gay when she went to visit him while in prison.

Check out the interview below:

Jonathan has a new book coming out titled, ‘My Journey to Understand My Brother: The Truth About Aaron’. In the book he says that Aaron was ‘abused’ by an older person in the neighborhood and it happened during a game of hide and seek. He says he felt guilty about not picking up on the clues or being able to help his brother.

Aaron Hernandez At Attleboro District Court

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

In the video, Jonathan says he had no idea about Aaron’s sexual activity with the same sex in high school. When Dr. Oz asked if Odin Lloyd in an effort to keep his sexuality a secret. Jonathan explained, “That’s one of the questions and, you know, head scratches that they still have regarding really this entire case. There’s just so many questions regarding everything. And, for me to sit here and say it was this or that, I can’t say. All you can do is look at the evidence that was provided.” Jonathan does not believe his brother killed anyone.

When asked what would happen if Aaron Hernandez told their father Dennis Hernandez, who passed away in 2006. Jonathan said, “I don’t know if he would have been able to finish his sentence. I can’t imagine him even being able to — my dad would have thought he could beat that out of him.”