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So, you hoarded all that toilet paper just for it to be sitting there because you can’t do #2, right? Your’re not alone. What your’re going through actually has a name, it’s called ‘Quarantine Constipation’ and it’s a real thing.

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According to, it’s real hard for some people to poop right now. A gastroenterologist in California says it happens because of how much the quarantine has changed our habits and rhythms. Robert Lerrigo, MD, says, “When we’re at home, sitting around and not staying active or engaging in our usual routine, colonic motility . . . the process by which the colon contracts to propel feces along . . . decreases.  [That] causes constipation.”

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What can you do to relieve yourself? Dr. Lerrigo says if you’re feeling all backed up during the quarantine, try getting in a brisk walk five days a week . . . eating foods with more fiber . . . staying hydrated . . . and doing yoga or meditation to de-stress.  That should help get things moving again.

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