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Let’s face it, its some stressful and uncertain times. Many people don’t know how to handle our new normal and are turning to medicinal help to cope. Because of this, prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications and a few other medications have spiked.

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According to, the benefit management organization, Express Scripts, says there’s been a large spike in demand for prescription tranquilizers and sleep aids in the U.S. The largest spike was in prescriptions for anti-anxiety drugs, which rose 34.1 percent, while sleeping medications ticked up by 14.8 percent, and antidepressants rose 18.6 percent between February 16th and March 15th.

Express Scripts says, “This analysis, showing that many Americans are turning to medications for relief, demonstrates the serious impact COVID-19 may be having on our nation’s mental health.” They want Americans to be careful not to turn their new coping mechanism into an addiction.

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