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It’s getting warmer, summer is near, and this is the time of year that we have already started planning on what vacations we want to take. Times are different now and people are wondering what vacations are actually the safest to take.

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According to, infectious disease physician Dr. Amesh Adalja suggested that taking a road trip or going camping are the kind of minimal-contact ideas that would be safest.

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Source: Klaus Vedfelt / Getty editor-in-chief Cindy Richards suggested taking day trips, like driving to the nearest state park, forest preserve or beach, checking first that they’ll be open and what activities are permitted amid the pandemic. She also suggests renting an RV or a beach house for the weekend. If you’d feel more comfortable at a hotel, Richards says it would be a good idea to disinfect the room when you get there, put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, and decline housekeeping.

Another idea is to take road trips to visit family members, or do a house swap with a friend or relative who lives somewhere else. Visiting outdoor landmarks is also a suggestion, but not ones that tend to have large crowds.

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