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Tried it: Magnetic Lashes

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If you’re like me, your desire to wear fake lashes was thwarted by a sheer lack of patience and skill required to apply them. (Who knew apply strip lashes were as simple as allowing the glue to get tacky).

After lashes became popular, I became overwhelmed with the many ways to wear the glam enhancing strips. Whether you like your lashes luscious or natural looking, like me, they can turn any look up several notches.

My friend Tipp, owner of Exquisite Minks, invited me on several occasions to have my lashes done. While I trust her, I am not sure I trust myself or the process. I have an eye disease called Scleritis, it causes excruciating pain and inflammation at times. Although she is a certified lash tech with years of experience and a vast clientele, I was afraid to take her up on the offer.

Although my mascara game is on point, I can say that there is a huge difference in my beat when someone applies lashes. I wanted that extra pop that the lashes provide because when I pull up… I want to pop out, right! So, I decided to give magnetic lashes a try because the reviews said they were so seamless a kid could apply them.

Insert magnetic lashes. They gave me the natural look I was going for with the added pop I desired. Most of all, they were very budget-friendly. I paid $25 for a box that included five pair of reusable lashes, two bottles of the magnetic liner, and a lash holder; that is the price of one pair of mink lashes and lash extensions can cost as much as $250.

And girl, when I say it is easy, believe me! All you do is line your top lid as you would with regular eyeliner and place the lashes on top. You don’t have to wait for anything to dry or set, you’re done. Oh, and when you are ready to remove them, simply wash your face with warm water and move on with your life sis.

There are plenty of options on Beyoncé’s internet, but I purchased mine from Amazon. You can get them HERE.


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