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Americans haven’t just been blowing their stimulus checks, they’ve actually used the money in the best way possible.  YouGov found 30 percent of Americans said they’re using their stimulus money to pay bills—a sign that people are struggling to make ends meet.

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So what bills are Americans paying off? They’re covering—cell phone bills, utilities, cable TV, and rent. According to MarketWatch, those bills come ahead of purchasing essentials, including “relief essentials” such as apparel, televisions, video games, sporting goods, and toys.


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YouGov notes, “It’s alarming to look at how many Americans use these funds to keep a roof over their head and pay for necessities considering the federal government has not provided clarity about another round of stimulus payments being provided in the near future. Americans are aware of how grim the near future could be, and they took the opportunity to use the stimulus funds to help prepare them for it.” More than 130 million stimulus checks have been issued to households across the U.S.

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