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Now that we have all experienced the greatness of working a non-flexible schedule, would you return to the schedule you had in the past?

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We have to admit, we are super spoiled now that we’ve gotten a taste of what a flexible work schedule feels like. It make you wonder how you tolerated your old work schedule all of this time. Millions of Americans are experiencing it for the first time and they like it…ALOT!

According to a new study from the NY Post, more than three-quarters of Americans say they don’t think they’ll be able to ever go back to a work schedule that isn’t flexible.

At the beginning of the year, before the pandemic was on our radar, about half of people said they wished they had more flexibility at work.  Now 78% say it’s an “absolute necessity.”


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The survey also found more than three out of five people say they want to keep having the option to work from home, even once this is all over.

Could you go back to your old schedule?

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