Black Men, do you feel like the media has shown you in such a light that mainstream America looks down on you? Feel like no one understands your struggle. Well you need to read this.


So about four months ago, I wrote an entry to commend black women  of all shapes, colors and sizes.

I encouraged all black women no matter what shade, hairstyle, or attitude they had, to love themselves in the face of negative media images. I told them not to feel bad that they weren’t popular in the majority, because they would always be popular with me. I asked them that they value themselves because I value them as well.

It was met with an overwhelmingly positive feedback. Sisters near and wide applauded my efforts to speak positively in an era where it has been more than ok to demean them. I told my brothers not to worry, that I would soon write a tribute to our own greatness. Forever a man of my word, here it is…Brothers, this one’s for you.

I know what they say about us. We’re violent. We’re thugs. We’re on drugs. We beat our women. We don’t take care of our kids. We’re angry. We lust after women who aren’t black. READ MORE