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So, I got a question for you. Which is worse, a lie or a secret? Have you given it some thought? Ok, before you decide let's go over a lie and a secret and how they pertain to relationships.


Oh, this is a good thing that has come out of the coronavirus pandemic. Apparently, the seriousness of this global disaster is making men want to finally start taking dating more seriously, according to a new survey. Apparently, there’s nothing quite like a global pandemic to make some people say, “Hey, maybe it WOULD be […]

Wendy said she sorry! Wendy Williams told us how she really felt about gay men trying to be women on her show yesterday and now she is backtracking on her words and apologizing to the LGBTQ community. During the ‘Hot Topics’ segment on her show, Wendy had this to say.. According to the video, Williams […]

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According to statistics, two per day are dying from heart attacks. To make matters worse, studies show this pattern is happening unnecessarily. These stats were gathered from women located in England and Wales and its believed this is occurring because of a gender gap in awareness, diagnosis and treatment. The British Heart Foundation (BHF) released […]

Ok, so this is an interesting study! Just how long do men wait to change their sheets after a sexual encounter? What a new study reveals may surprise you. According to a new study from Mattress Advisor, men say they wait about 11 days to change sheets that have been “soiled through sexual activity,” while […]


This particular study reinforces stereotypes that have always been in place, along with reports of police brutality.   (CNN) — When we look at black men, what is and what we see are often different things. Namely, we may see black men as bigger, stronger, and scarier than white men, even if they are the […]


AUSTIN, TX (RNN) – A Texas state representative filed a bill Friday that would levy a $100 penalty on a man for masturbating. “#HB4260, “A Man’s Right to Know,” mirrors real TX laws and health care restrictions faced by TX women every (Texas legislature) session,” wrote Rep. Jessica Farrar, D-Houston, on Twitter. The legislation states […]

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For millennia, there have been studies trying to determine the "cause" of homosexuality, especially regarding Black men.

Misty J

Women might not make as much money as men until the year 2186. I did the math, that’s 170 years! That prediction comes from the World Economic Forum in its annual gender gap index. The organization says efforts to close gender gaps in the workplace have slowed so dramatically in the past year. They did […]

Misty J

A new study finds that women’s pay is up more than 30-percent! Reportedly, men’s pay is down, and that’s over the past 35 years. The Pew Research Center study says, women’s pay is up 32% since 1980. Men’s pay fell 3% during that same period. Who run the world?! GIRLS! Follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, […]

Men lie, women lie. But Jasmine Sanders has the top lies they both tell. Things like “it wasn’t that expensive,” “sorry I missed your call,”…