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Saweetie changed her look right before the holiday season by trading in her long hair for a blonde buzz cut. Now, the Best Friend rapper is giving the low down on what inspired the look.

In an interview with Power 106, the 28-year-old rapper explained that meditation is what inspired her to shed the energy that was attached to her hair.

“I found so much clarity within myself. I wanted to start over and I did research about hair, and hair holds a lot of energy. I really wanted to just feel new and fresh. With this new music. I won’t say new me, but elevated me. I really just wanted to start over again. There’s a lot of things that go on that make me stressed out, make me feel chaotic but everything is simple. It’s simple, we just have to center ourselves because energies can get crazy. Like I have so many mental breakdowns that a lot of people didn’t know about because I don’t share that side of my life,” she explained.

Everything carries energy, both good and bad. While spiritual practices vary, it is common for people to cut their hair as a symbolic way of starting fresh. Saweetie remains consistent with colorful wigs and different hairstyles, but every now and then she lets that golden buzz cut shine.

I’m a huge fan of doing whatever it takes to feel like your best self. At the end of the day, we are responsible for maintaining our happiness. Whatever it is you have to do to find your center and feel like you again – do that. What do you think?


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