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The 2022 Oscars just turned up a notch when Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith while on stage, and Will Smith was not happy about it!

Red Carpet Rundown: 2022 Oscars Red Carpet

During his bit, Chris Rock took to the stage to make a bad hair joke about Jada, taking the mic to say, “Jada, I love you. G.I. Jane two I can’t wait to see it,” alluding to her most recent bald buzz cut. After it was clear that Jada was visibly upset at the banter, Will took matters into his own hands and got up from his seat, walked on stage towards Chris Rock, and smacked him!

See the video below.

The internet was clearly stunned at the exchange with many wondering if this was all part of the show but soon realized that this friendly joke soon turned serious after seeing Will’s expression as he walked back to his seat.

Here’s what some of Twitter had to say about the awkward moment.

“Will Smith & Chris Rock WTH!??!?” one Twitter user wrote. 

Another commented, saying, “Lol I thought my tv lagged, what just happened with Will Smith & Chris Rock?!? #Oscars”

Another user was confused, asking “Wow. What just happened. #TheOscars2022 #TheOscars



While another Tweeted, “Okay….WHAT JUST HAPPENED with that will and Chris thing #Oscars”

All we can say is YIKES!


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