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As a DJ who prefers to play more than just the same music every other DJ is, I find that it’s really telling when I have to look to countries other than my own to find some decent soul music.

For years now, I’ve had to resort to keeping tabs on what’s going on in Europe if I want to hear music with real soul, and more often than not, it’s being made by white people. First there was Lewis Taylor who evoked the spirit of Marvin Gaye better than anyone stateside (D’Angelo even summoned Lewis to the U.S. for a duet that was never finished during the Voodoo sessions).  Next up was Amy Winehouse who, when her demons weren’t dragging her down, sang circles around most of the females she shared Billboard chart space with.

Now we’ve got Quadron.

The Danish duo consists of singer Coco and producer Robin Hannibal (who along with Phillip Owusu created my favorite album of 2006, Owusu & Hannibal’s Living With…).  Their debut single “Pressure” finds them skipping through the vintage Motown-era girl group door that Winehouse blew wide open in 2006.

Their self-titled album drops in March on the Plug Research label, which is also releasing Bilal’s highly anticipated new album later this year.  If you can’t wait until March, you can head over to iTunes now and buy the whole album, which has a very smooth, almost Sade-like quality to it.

Highly recommended listening!

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