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Some fans are calling Netflix’s latest reality show, Twentysomethings: Austin, the new age Real World. The show follows eight twenty-somethings, who set out to find success in life and love in Austin, Texas.

The cast live together and lean on one another as they experience the highs and lows that come with being an adult. The show debuted on Netflix December 10, 2021. The first season features 12 episodes where the cast is exploring their new city, exciting love lives and blossoming careers. Twentysomethings: Austin is a lot kinder than MTV’s Real World, but it has the same essence and framework as America’s first reality tv show.

Without giving away too much of the show (because you should watch for yourself), we gravitated to each cast member in the first episode. There are four girls and four guys that pull you in for different reasons. The girls include Abbey Humphreys, Isha Punja, Natalie Cabo and Raquel Daniels. The guys include Keauno Perez, Kamari Bonds, Michael Fractor and Bruce Stephenson. Netflix selected a diverse and interesting cast to give the show life and a world of entertainment.

There are the extremely attractive and gifted Black cast members, Kamari and Raquel, the “token” gay Keauno “Kiki” Perez, the Southern hunk Bruce, valley Brown girl Isha, wild and rebellious bi-sexual Abbey, animated and flourishing Natalie and the newly stand up comic Michael. The first episode really takes the viewer on a ride getting to know each character and how they will soon operate and takeover this house and Austin at large.

Take a look at our first impressions of the cast of Twentysomethings: Austin below:

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1. Meet: Raquel Daniels

Source:Raquel Daniels

Our first impression of Raquel is that she is absolutely gorgeous and already bringing positive energy to the house. She appears to be infatuated with the idea of finding her perfect lover (even if she’s barking up the wrong trees). 

2. Meet: Abbey Humphreys

Source:Abbey Humphreys

The introduction to Abbey seemed quite promising. The audience could predict she would be a good time. She was super open to new and shared experiences, revealing how excited she was to not be the only gay in the house. Abbey quickly turned a little problematic interfering with people’s newfound attractions and creating some of her own. 

3. Meet: Keauno Perez

Source:Keauno Perez

We love Kiki! He’s definitely a hugger, and told each person in the house that as they met. “I’m a huggerrrr.” Keauno is growing into himself and learning how to be his most authentic self within this new journey. Absolutely love to see it. Though he may feel like a bit of an outsider, we hope he finds his voice and place in the house. 

4. Meet: Isha Punja

Source:Isha Punja

Isha is also stunning like all of the girls in the house. She may appear to be a bit ditzy or scatterbrained but we feel like there is some depth to her. Isha is certainly looking to have a good time but not quite sure she’s invested in settling down with any of her housemates anytime soon. It’s refreshing to see a Brown girl included in this exciting cast. 

5. Meet: Kamari Bonds

Source:Kamari Bonds

Kamari is a looker ok! The model with a natural charisma. It is clear he has some attraction to Raquel early on, who is obviously not checking for him. It’s early to say what sort of sparks are flying but Kamari is sure to catch them when he sees it. 

6. Meet: Natalie Cabo

Source:Natalie Cabo

Natalie is still finding herself and this self-love journey may not be the easiest for her. She moved from a superficial city like Miami to a burgeoning city like Austin filled with different types of people. Natalie may not know it yet, but she is inspiring many people to be comfortable with who they are and how they look. She’s also gorgeous and quite entertaining. Keep flourishing, Natalie! 

7. Meet: Michael Fractor

Source:Michael Fractor

The jokester. Michael is pursuing a new career in stand up comedy. Our first impression of Michael is that he doesn’t take social cues to well, especially not with women, but he is also unafraid to put himself out there. It is one of his most admirable traits. Michael adds more entertainment to the interesting cast. 

8. Meet: Bruce Stephenson

Source:Bruce Stephenson

Bruce is such a Southern man. He knows he’s attractive, but also keeps it humble. Bruce’s charm is definitely affecting one of the girls in the house, but we’re not sure it’ll last long. He’s young and ready to explore all that the city has to offer him. We like Bruce though! He’s kind of hard not to enjoy.