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A conversation around classic commercials came up between a few friends, and it made us think about these soulful spots we could never forget. These jingles ring in our ears forever, with popular companies like Popeyes, McDonald’s and Burger King advertising their latest products. Check out these soulful spots that we will always remember inside.

There are jingles that you fully remember, but forget the company it was made for completely. The world of advertising has been around for ages. Companies like Marlboro or Coca Cola have goals to reach certain key demographics with particular commercials specific to their taste. Notable moments throughout the year like the Super Bowl make it a profitable time when you know consumers are likely at home and tuned in.

These soulful commercials in particular remind us that the core audience for most of these fast food restaurants and cleaning products are seeking out Black audiences specifically.

It’s not rocket science, but it is psychological influence.The psychology of advertising focuses on building empathy towards a product or service to help you become more inclined to buy or use it. That empathy in this case is in the vein of a catchy jingle or two. According to Psych Central, research from 2021 suggests that the physical aspects of the ads we see — including people, images, and even colors — can influence how we relate to the ad itself.

“What’s your flavor? Tell me what’s your flavor?” This catchy jingle was created for us, by us to advertise Popeyes new popcorn shrimp meal in the early 2000s. Everyone remembers the Black actress who popularly said, “and that’s the power of Pine-Sol, baby.” Other companies find reputable celebrities like singer Brian Mcknight to craft special songs that are permanently cemented in our minds.

Check out these five classic soulful spots that you will never forget below:

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1. Popeyes’ “What’s Your Flava?”


2. McDonald’s “McNuggets Lovin'”


3. Burger King “Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap” ft Mary J. Blige


4. Pine-Sol “That’s The Power of Pine-Sol, Baby”


5. Chili’s “3 For Me”Brian McKnight Remix