Sleep is a beautiful thing! When that dreaded alarm goes off, many of us have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. If you find it hard to get out of bed you’re not alone. New data shows the average person takes a whole 24 minutes to actually get out of bed […]


Welp, Columbus is near the top of the list for bed bug infestations, AGAIN! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Orkin ranks the Columbus metropolitan area 5th in the number of bed bug extermination calls. Columbus is one of four Ohio cities on the list. Cincinnati is 8th, and Cleveland came in at number 13. Baltimore […]


The wife took to her Facebook page to defend the photo against the criticism the family have been receiving.   YUKON, Okla. – A man’s Facebook post of his wife ‘co-sleeping’ with their children has gone viral and sparked a debate. David Brinkley of Yukon, Okla. shared a photo of his wife, Alora, sleeping with […]


Columbus is being ranked among the worst areas for bed bug infestations! Worse than Nasty Nati! Orkin ranks the 614 5th on its annual list. The list is based on the number of calls its exterminators made last year. Baltimore topped the list. Cincinnati is ranked at number 8 and Cleveland ranked 13th. Just nasty! […]

americans prefer the right side of the bed.. men care about the side… women direction… Jasmine Sanders shared a study that says Americans prefer the right…