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Beyoncé buys out her clothing line, Ivy Park, from billionaire accused of harassment. According to NBC news the Billionaire was accused of several sexual harassment and rape accusations. The singers company known as Parkwood Entertainment now owns 100 percent of Ivy Park clothing line. Beyoncé has been trying to obtain the company for almost a […]

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After staying lowkey following her amazing OTRII tour, Beyonce has stepped out, and she did not come play! Queen Bey shared some fire pictures in a classic fall look:  a braless blazer *insert heart eyes* What do you think of Bey’s fall look?  

So the rumor mill is buzzing that Beyonce was not the first choice to cover Vogue’s September issue. Beyonce revealed her historic September cover of Vogue magazine, which was shot by the first Black photographer in its 126-year history to rave reviews. However, reports say that she was not the 1st choice of editor in chief, Anna Wintour. […]

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Kim K Attempts To Outshine Beyonce And Twitter Makes Her Into Memes… AGAIN Once again, Kim Kardashian has ended up being the butt of Twitter’s jokes, after trying to compete with Beyonce. Kim decided to post a rather lifeless photo where she was shockingly half naked, shortly after Beyonce’s Vouge Cover came out. Of course […]

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Twitter says “failure is a choice,” too. When Kanye West released the album release lineup for Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Nas and himself, he probably didn’t think the Carters were planning to ruin his shine throughout the month of June. Once Jay-z and Beyonce dropped their surprise album Everything Is Love on Saturday, the world […]

I don’t know why I find it purely comical when a person falls, even if it is the great Beyonce. In weekend two of Coachella aka Beychella, Beyonce and Solange were just finishing a dance routine when Bey went to hug her sister but Solange jumped on her and Beyonce was not this happened: […]

Wendy Williams sure knows how to get a debate started. She started a firestorm of conversation when she said on her show that Beyonce is a better performer than both Prince and Michael Jackson! During her “Hot Topics” segment, she said, “Can I tell you something, this is my opinion. We can fight all day!! […]

Richard Lawson, who is married to Beyonce’s mom, Tina Lawson, says that Tiffany Haddish is lying about the whole biting Beyonce story. Lawson says, “It was something that was blown out of proportion and Tiffany just got a ride from doing it. And so her numbers probably jumped up. Other people jumped on the bandwagon […]

Oh Snap!! We know who the Mysterious Beyonce Biter is!!! Multiple sources tell TMZ that Tiffany Haddish has told many people that the culprit is none other than…. Sanaa Lathan! Sources say that it was not an aggressive bite and it was playful and noninvasive, but it still caught Bey off guard. Sanaa did tweet […]

Even though Beyonce said that you gotta sign a disclosure to party with the Queen, Tiffany Haddish is giving more details about what happened at that Hollywood party. Haddish claims that the reason she was about to fight at the party was becasue an unnamed actress, that was high on drugs, bit Beyonce in the […]


  Early this week Beyonce and Jay Z announced additional dates for the highly sought out On The Run II Tour. Live Nation has added three dates to the highly sought after tour including Columbus Ohio (August 16th), Columbia South Carolina (August 21st) and Seattle Washington (October 4th).  Second dates have been added to Washington […]

Queen Bey is getting ready to tear down the stage for Coachella! After birthing twins, she wants to get her body in tip top shape so she is cutting out all meats and kicking her exercise routine into overtime.   Bey has 44 days left before hitting the coachella stage and she has a plan […]