Misty J

Your smartphone has more germs than your toilet seat! GROSS! Reportedly, cellphones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats, because they’re never cleaned. The same is true for TV remotes. They can have even more germs because they get shared! Researchers also found that children’s playground equipment is dirtier than both porta-potties and […]

Misty J

Researchers studied molecules and bacteria left on cell phones, and it has a lot of information about you and your habits! That evidence could tell whether the person who owns it is a man or woman, what they like to eat and drink, what kind of medications they take, the types of cosmetics they use, […]


If you’re driving through Bexley, you may want to put your cell phones down. The new law banning cell phone use while driving, takes effect today! Police say officers will issue tickets to anyone they see holding a cell phone while behind the wheel. You’ve been warned! Follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter: MistyJRadio […]


Bland’s family continue to press for answers, despite in their opinion, a lack of all the evidences presented in regards to her arrest and eventual…


The death of Cleveland woman Ralkina Jones inside a Cleveland Heights jail cell late last month marked the third such passing of a Black woman while…

Apple blogs are abuzz with the hottest rumor during these cold winter days: That the company is working on not one, not two, but three…