The Cleveland Zoo has reported that 32-year-old western lowland gorilla Bebac has died of heart disease. Bebac was diagnosed back in 2008 with heart problems. Shortly after his health improved with a changed in diet and medication to control his high blood pressure. This is a common health condition for gorillas in zoos. But Bebac, […]

Today the Cincinnati Zoo opened its gorilla exhibit after a three year old toddler got past an enclosure and caused silver back gorilla Harambe to be shot and killed on May 28th. In a press conference, Hamilton County Prosecutor  Joseph Deters explained, “She had three other kids with her and turned her back. … And […]

Higher barriers are now in place at the Cincinnati Zoo’s gorilla exhibit. The zoo’s popular jungle enclosure reopened for visitors today for the first time since a three-year-old boy climbed a fence and fell into it May 28th. The have made some changes! The barrier is now 42 inches tall, which is a half-foot taller […]

An investigation is already underway to examine how the Zoo handled the situation, especially regarding the Gorilla’s death.   CINCINNATI, Ohio –The Hamilton County prosecutor announced the mother of a 3-year-old boy, who fell in the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, will not face charges. Zoo officials shot and killed a rare silverback gorilla […]

A prosecutor says no charges will be filed against the parents of a boy who fell into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. Zookeepers shot and killed a rare lowland gorilla after it dragged the three-year-old boy through a moat. The boy climbed over a barrier around the exhibit and then fell into the […]

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) – Activists are banding together in support of Harambe by creating a petition to pass ‘Harambe’s Law.’ The petition states the law would give legal consequences when an endangered animal is harmed or killed due to the negligence of visitors. As of Tuesday morning, the petition has more than 106,000 supporters. Once it reaches enough signatures, its author – […]

The world is watching the parents of the little boy who fell into a gorilla’s habitat.   The world was stunned when video emerged of a 4-year-old boy falling into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. Zoo directors ultimately made the decision to kill the 17-year-old animal, fearing for the baby’s life. Now outrage […]

It's been revealed that the parents of the boy are African-American and the father has a long criminal history. According to reports, Michelle Gregg and Deonne Dickerson have four children together and Dickerson's rap sheet is pretty extensive.

A 4-year-old boy slipped into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo on Saturday which caused the gorilla to be shot and killed. Many people wondered where the boy’s mother was during the incident and how she let the boy fall into the pit. Michelle Gregg is now defending herself against online critics who are criticizing […]

Cincinnati Zoo dangerous animal response team shot and killed a 17 year old 400 pound silver back gorilla named Harambe after a four year old child fell into the gorilla exhibit on Saturday afternoon after climbing though the railing. Witnesses reported that Harambe picked up and dragged the child around. It is being reported that […]