Lately, the heat in Central Ohio has been brutal, but I found a few “hot weather hacks” that claim to keep you cool during the Dog Days of Summer. I’m unsure if they’ll work, but a few seem like they would work. Check out the list for yourself and tell me what you think is […]

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  A slow NFL news day was interrupted on Tuesday when the league’s Twitter account posted an update claiming that Commissioner Roger Goodell was dead at age 57. Obviously, the tweet was immediately speculated to be the result of a hack. That theory would prove to be correct, as the NFL’s head of PR sent […]

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FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas – There could be more bad news coming Josh Duggar‘s way after Gawker recently discovered his name on a list of Ashley Madison…


Cheaters beware. Hackers who stole sensitive information from, a website that arranges hook-ups for married individuals, have made good on their threat to expose more than 36…

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  Well we may have just found out the best news from this crazy Sony Pictures hacking…. executive Amy Pascal was found to be pulling for British hearthrob Idris Elba to be the first 007 in an email hacked from Sony Pictures. For a while Idris fanatics, like myself, have been chatting that it would be […]

Sony Pictures executives shouldn’t expect an invite to Angelina Jolie or Kevin Hart’s house anytime soon. In newly leaked e-mails courtesy of the anonymous Sony hacker, Sony…