Reports are saying that, head of the Jackson Clan, Joe Jackson, is hospitalized and suffering from terminal cancer. According to reports, the 89-year-old Jackson family patriarch has been battling the illness for a while, but it is currently at the end stages. His wife, Katherine, has been at his bedside along with some of their children and […]


Joe Jackson was recently hospitalized in LA, after a routine checkup with his doctor, according to TMZ. Joe Jackson was put through several tests, and at one point developed a fever and doctors could not pinpoint why. Jermaine Jackson was spotted leaving the airport and said, “My father is doing much better. ” Joe Jackson is 87-years-old. […]

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Joe Jackson, father of the famous Jackson children, recently took a wild trip to Brazil that proved to be too much for his 87 year old self!  Joe was spotted with a bunch of much younger ladies partying it up and getting kissed by several of them for the cameras. Two days and after several parties […]

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Joe Jackson has been painted as everything from a monster to a genius over the decades. His love for his children overshadowed by greed and ambition. Now, in a series of posts on his blog, Jackson is opening up about his notoriously private family. Beginning with his estranged wife Katherine Jackson, the family patriarch has […]

Happy 86th Year of  Life! Joe Jackson has spent the entire week counting down to today. He turns 86. He has written special notes about…

03/21/14- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with singing legend, Miki Howard. There are claims that a DNA test proves that Micheal Jackson is the…


12/19/13-  Comedian Chris Paul gives us his hilarious take on day’s hottest topics including Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea, Viagra turning generic, and Blanket…

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Joseph “Joe” Jackson, the patriarch of the Jackson family and former manager of the Jackson 5, has suffered a stroke — as first reported and confirmed by a close family insider. “He’s in ‘serious’ condition. Joe has been struggling with his health a lot over the past three or four months,” said the source. “The […]

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  Joe Jackson flashed his handgun to a room full of people at an event in Las Vegas and proudly proclaimed that he carries it wherever he goes. During a speaking engagement in Las Vegas, he was given a warm introduction from family friend Majestik before taking the stage and discussing his continued fight for […]

With his family reeling out of control, Joe Jackson is back in LA to lay down the law. According to TMZ, Joe arrived to the…

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The Jackson kids were talented and I would assume they got it from their father. Joseph Jackson had a few talents of his own, boxing and music. He played guitar as a member of the singing group the Falcons during the 1950s. His brother Luther was also part of the group. After the group could […]