Keri Hilson said Ya’ll Tried it! She did not get plastic surgery on her nose. She explained that she has the same big nose that her grandmother gave her and that some people have learned to accept their imperfections and discover contours and angles through make up. What do you think? Did she get work […]

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It’s hard out here if you remotely piss off the collective worshipping group (otherwise known as) the Beyhive or the Beygency. The “I am a Beyonce…


Apparently, Celebs are just like us.   They too have guilty pleasures.  Some more than others or maybe some just aren’t as forthcoming.  Taraji really has…

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Keri Hilson says her Valenitne’s Day without former NBA baller boo Serge Ibaka is going to be “interesting” this year. “This is going to be…

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Gorgeous singer/songwriter Keri Hilson has been slaying the day with her flawless photos circling around the web. Now though, the newly single pretty girl is ready to hit the studio and has some great, yet unfortunate, motivation for some new tunes. While earlier this year brought an unexpected break-up with boyfriend Serge Ibaka, the songstress says it’s […]

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Keri Hilson and Serge Ibaka seemed like a match made in heaven, but apparently things weren’t as peachy clean as they appeared on the outside.…

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Man this is confusing. so back in July, Timbaland  commented on a song featuring Keri Hilson called “Sorry.”  He told the world that the song…


Keri Hilson is ready to return to the spotlight this year. For her first appearance the “Pretty Girls Rock” singer helped kick off Gillette’s 15-city ‘Kiss & Tell’ Live Experiment on the Santa Monica Pier on Wednesday, by asking women which kiss is best: a kiss with stubble or smooth shaven skin. Keri is currently […]

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The Beyonce vs. Keri Hilson beef is still going strong. Back in 2008, Keri reportedly threw shade on the “Turnin’ Me On” remix when she called Bey out on her inability to write her own lyrics; she even used a line from the hit “Irreplaceable.” “She can sing, but need to move it ‘to the […]