We need these shirts ASAP! Halle Berry hit up her NYC premiere for her newest flick “Kidnap” paying homage to former First Lady Michelle Obama. Berry wore a stylish t-shirt with Michelle’s first official photo as the first lady with the words “Michelle My Belle.” Before hitting the red carpet, the actress posted a photo on […]

Halle Berry’s Kidnap was originally supposed to come out on Dec. 2, 2016. Then, it was pushed back to March 10, 2017. Well, today is March 10, and there is no Kidnap. In fact, if you go to the movie‘s IMDB page, there is no release date at all, except the year 2017. Unfortunately, the parent studio of the film’s distribution […]

The four people accused of torturing a white, mentally disabled man in an attack that was streamed to Facebook Live, drawing outrage across the nation, pleaded not guilty at their arraignment before a Cook County, Ill., judge, the Chicago Sun Times reports. Tanishia Covington, 24; Brittany Covington, 18; Jordan Hill, 18; and Tesfaye Cooper, 18, […]

Halle Berry is in a true “Don’t come for me, unless I send for you” thriller titled “Kidnap”. The movie is about Halle Berry’s son getting snatched from a park, and let’s just say her reaction is not the “A” typical one. The movie is slated to start in theaters around the corner in December. […]

Earlier this week, Boko Haram Islamists ascended onto a secondary school in Chibok, Nigeria and abducted over 100 schoolgirls. By Wednesday, only  eight of the…

Ariel Castro, the man convicted earlier this year of kidnapping three woman, holding them in his Cleveland home for nearly a decade, and repeatedly sexually…