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As we close this week, let’s just move past all the infractions, insults and injuries we have incurred.  We can get get stronger, empower and inspire each other as we move on in our life. Remember we belong to Someone greater. We all  feel disappointment and worn from time to time. It’s just our call to let no person steal our joy.  We need to know that we are called for great things. No person is exactly like you.

Lyrics: Can I, live in peace man I paid my dues/ You’ll never know where I been until ya walked in my shoesI’m in it for the long hall/Committed to the end like John Paul/ I’m trying to make a change, throw stones if I’m wrong/ If you can do it better, then by all means, shoot for the stars/But stop crushing all of my life’s dreams, and let me fulfill my destiny and purpose

Embrace all the good you do today. You are a special creation.

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