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“Machine Gun Preacher”, the new movie with Gerard Butler tells an age old story of strength and dedication to the children of God.

If you have not made plans to go see this movie. Go do so now. Take friends with you and watch a movie about the reality of being committed to do something.I guarantee you will be amazed. In a quick conversation Gerard wanted all to know that this movie would be one that left you with a call to do something.

Gerard  wanting to be sure that myself and readers understand what the movie is about said,  “This movie is a thinking movie. it makes you think about life and it’s meaning. Sam, the character I play does a great thing.” He also stressed that it was not the easiest of movies to film either.

On set there were mishaps, ” We didn’t really didn’t think this scene out. We’re all standing in a line and having a shoot-out and even though they’re blank bullets, the actual bullet casings still come out the side and they’re red-hot and they’re moving fast. I was standing there shooting and I get smacked in the head and I go down and when I get up, my head’s pouring blood.”

“So I go okay, we’ve got to be careful because we’re all standing right next to each other,” Gerard continued laughing. “But I guess we weren’t that careful, because the very next take, I’m shooting again and ping! another one! My head’s pouring, I had just gotten rid of the blood from the last one and it hits me again… but I’m all fine now, I’m all healed.”

The film is based on the life of violent drug addict-turned-preacher Sam Childers who after becoming a Christian travels to Sudan to volunteer at a construction project. He sees the horrors of war and cannot help but do what he can to protect orphaned children in southern Sudan. The action-packed movie, which played in New York and Los Angeles this weekend, brought in respectable per-theater average of $11,000.  Because of the picture’s strong religious themes, Relativity Media is marketing it to a faith-based audience.

Some pastors are referring to the movie in their sermons, and the film has been screened for various church groups, according to Relativity.

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