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Across the nation, as Americans take in the news of Obamacare passing, whether they celebrate or dwell in outrage, they must stop and consider how the recent Supreme Court decision will really affect their lives. Here are some of the major pros and cons of Obamacare that will gradually and greatly affect Americans and their health care coverage.


1. First and foremost, the 32 million people who cannot currently afford health insurance will receive it through lowered healthcare costs.

2. The Federal Government will pay states to add more low income people to medicaid.

3. Insurance companies will no longer have the ability to drop someone’s coverage once they become sick.

4. Children with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage.

5. Parents will have the option to keep their children, up to age 26, on their health insurance plans, bringing better profit to insurance companies by raising the premiums for healthier individuals.


1. The Government now has the ability to seize your medical records in order to make a national medical database- a major violation to the fifth amendment which prohibits the government from taking private property without just compensation. Whatever happened to doctor/patient confidentiality??

2. The Act violates states’ rights by forcing them to accept legislated health insurance.

3. Many worry that the amount of private medical facilities and doctors may exit the field due to the drastically lowered premiums. As the government will start regulating the care patients will receive, these doctors will experience a great revenue decline as they will have no control over the cost of their services and procedures.

4. There will be very little choice as to what health insurance plan you will receive since the government will be mandating which coverage is approved. Therefore, many families and individuals will pay for a plan that covers treatments and illnesses that do not and will not ever affect them (i.e: fertility treatment in a menopausal woman), ultimately making coverage plans less and less personalized to specific needs.

5. New taxes, penalties, and fees will discourage small businesses from growing, lowering economic growth by $706 billion and costing 800,000 jobs. Our nation is already knee-deep in trillion-dollar debt, and the implementation of Obamacare is actually predicted to increase the deficit by $500 billion over the next 10 years.

Clearly, Americans have a great deal to mull over with the passing of Obamacare. Considering the outrageous amount of enraged citizens versus those very much in favor, it will be interesting to see how this act will pan out and ultimately affect Obama’s standing in this year’s election.

Source: Obamacare Facts

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