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Age: Is it Just a Number?

You’re Only As Old As You Feel

Posted by Alex Johnson for Bounceback.com

Our culture is obsessed with the aging process. It’s so much of an obsession that we will put just about anything on our bodies if pop culture tells us that it will stop us from looking like the Crypt Keeper. I am just as guilty as the next person for buying into all of this anti-aging products. Just look in my fridge and in the butter dish you will see eye creams…not butter. I couldn’t help but wonder if all of these products, laser beams and injections are helping us or deterring us from aging gracefully. It brings me to the topic of…Is Age Just a Number?

Ashton Kutcher went from being married to Demi Moore who is older than him and moving onto to Mila Kunis who is closer to his age. Clearly the age factor is not a big deal to this guy. Maybe he is one of those rare people that actually see the person for what they are rather than how many crow’s feet one is sporting. Seeing that I don’t know any of these celebrities, I will just have to go on my own observations and experiences on whether or not age factors into a relationship.

When you date someone that is younger than you, you run the risk of that younger person wanting to discover life lessons that you have already had the luxury of experiencing. While dating someone older can potentially looking up to them as your role model rather than your equal. Tons of issues will come into play when the ages aren’t exactly in sync. Someone will always make more money, generally the person that is older; another one will want to stay out later instead of going home, usually the younger one. That can lead to a lot of friction in any relationship.

However, with the negative side of dating someone the opposite in age, there comes the positive. That younger person can make the older one feel alive again or push them to see the world through new un-jaded eyes. Or the older person can protect that younger person from making mistakes that are unnecessary in life.

The statement of, “You only look as old as you feel,” is one that shouldn’t go unrecognized because it is true. Think about it. If you have a cold, people can look at you and say, “You don’t look so good.” If you are in love, got a new job, accepted to college or bought your first home, the likely hood that people can see it on your face because you are beaming from ear to ear are extremely high. So maybe we all should be trying our best to not only look good (with our many potions) but also to feel good. Because while happiness can sometimes come in a jar bought at our local Sephora, we all know that true happiness comes from within and you can’t buy that at any pharmacy counter.

Even as a guy, I do find it very unfair that women get labeled “Cougar” and men get the title of “Bachelor.” Regardless of the title, we shouldn’t care at the moment. What we should be concerned about is whether or not we not only look good for ourselves, because let’s face it, if you don’t love yourself inside and out, no one will either. After you have that self-love under control, than comes time for the real relationship not only with yourself but with someone special.

So, is age just a number? In some cases, yes it is just a number. Whereas some cases that usually involve a judge and a jury, of course it is an issue. We can meet a young person that is far more mature than someone that is older and vice versa. Each person is unique. What I do know is that how you feel about yourself will only reflect what you receive from the world. So, keep on applying, injecting, doing the latest fitness craze and drinking whatever green tea concoction that comes up next. If it makes YOU feel good than I say do it!

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