5 Phrases You Don’t Want to Hear at the End of a Date

By Smitten, Glamour Magazine 

“It was very nice meeting you.” AKA what you say at the end of a business meeting. How romantic! This one isn’t fatal on its own, as it is kind of a generic nice thing to say to a new person, but if it’s not sandwiched by “I had a great time” and “When can we do this again?” it probably means meeting you is as far as he plans to go with this relationship.

“Well, I have your number, so…” If he can’t even bring himself to lie and say that he’ll call you, I think you’ll know that he’s not actually going to use your number unless he’s drunk and very bored at 1 a.m. No thanks!

“I’ve got a really busy week at work, but we’ll find another time to hang out.” Maybe he doesn’t want to seem too aggressive by locking down a specific second date right away, but if he’s making excuses before you’ve even suggested a day, he’s trying to let you know that he won’t be making time for you, like ever.

“I’ll be in touch.” A guy actually said this to me at the end of a date, and I was not even remotely surprised when he was not, in fact, in touch ever again. I mean, it was a date, not an audition, but when he said that it was pretty clear he was not feeling me as a romantic lead. He might as well have said, “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” Which he obviously would never have done.

“Good luck.” No one said this to me at the end of a date, thank God, but a guy once said it at the end of an email breaking things off with me after a few weeks, and I’m still smarting about it. Maybe he meant in in a nice way, but it felt a lot like he was mentally adding “…you’ll need it.” Rude. If you hear this at the end of the date, he means “Good luck dating other people because you won’t be dating me.”

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