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Still waiting on your ring? Here are ten possible reasons why your boo hasn’t gotten down on bended knee. (Real talk alert!)

You Are Already Playing House

You live together. You have children. You share bills. You cook, clean and wash clothes. Sometimes people even assume you are married although he still tells people you’re his girlfriend. You have essentially taken on traditional wife duties without the title. Why should he get married?

He’s Already Said No, You’re Just Not Listening

I’m very serious about this. Many guys, early in the relationship, have straight up said they don’t want to get married. He said something like: “Marriage ain’t for everyone!” or “My parents weren’t married and I’m doing well!” Or maybe even, “No, Jennifer, I’m not interested in marrying you.” But you persisted, thinking you would be the one to change him. Please keep in mind that no amount of love can make someone do something they don’t want to do.

You Are a Liability

I’ve noticed that as men get older, we become more analytical about a woman’s worth. (But get this, not simply her value but her “relative value”.) The guys I know are constantly making subconscious calculations about what’s being offered versus what it’s going to cost them. Do you have excessive debt, several children (not his) or other responsibilities he doesn’t want? Bottom line, most men “hold on an average hand” and only marry when the perception is we’re gaining an asset.

His Other Woman Doesn’t Like You

If he grew up in a household with mama or grandma (or big sis, auntie, etc.) at the helm, chances are, no matter his age, those “other” women carry heavy influence on his decisions. If his family doesn’t like you — especially if as a collective they don’t think highly of you — that alone could permanently keep you in girlfriend zone.

He Doesn’t Feel Like You Need Him

Everyone on this earth wants to feel like they matter. The key ingredient in a relationship is taking that thought a step further and knowing that you matter to your partner. If he doesn’t feel like you need him for anything, why would he marry you?Read More

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