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1. Tell a friend where you’re going right before you leave.

Or your mom. Or all of your twitter followers. It doesn’t matter who you tell, but the safest thing for a savvy dater to do is make sure someone else in the world knows where you are. Note: make sure it’s someone you’re willing to fill in on the details of your rendezvous with the sexy stranger. In the *likely* scenario that it goes well, your safety person will probably want to know about it.

2. Do something you love earlier in the day.

My friend says that you must do something really interesting before meeting someone for a date or…whatever you are meeting for. It will give you something to talk about in the initial stages (“Today? Oh… I just went and milked cows at the city farm. It’s just something I like to do”). If the date doesn’t go how you imagined it would, you can walk away reminding yourself that you’re fab and you do really cool things. Good for the confidence in advance and good for the confidence afterwards. You don’t live for meeting people on the internet, you live for you and you’re badass!

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