President Trump okays use for dropping world’s largest non-nuclear bomb on reported ISIS site.

This marks the second consecutive week in-a-row that the U.S. has used force in the Middle East. This time the U.S. dropped a bomb to start President Donald Trump’s effort to eliminate ISIS.

The bomb used is a GBU-43 or Massive Ordnance Air Blast, commonly referred to as the “mother of all bombs.” It contains 11 tons of explosives, according to The Associated Press.

As ISIS-K’s losses have mounted, they are using IEDs, bunkers and tunnels to thicken their defense,” Gen. John W. Nicholson, commander of the U.S. forces in Afghanistan, said in the release.

Looks like the military is sending a clear message to the Islamic terrorist group that there is nowhere to hide. The president calls the bombing “very, very successful.”

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Source: Huffington Post