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We even saw a few NFL team owners holding hands or taking a knee in solidarity to Trump’s dismay.

As we reported on Friday, President Donald Trump went to Alabama for some cheap positive reinforcement from his base. While there he took the time to call athletes who take a knee in peaceful protest “son of b****es.”

These words sparked an outrage that carried over to Sunday. NFL teams had players either locking arms or in most cases taking a knee.

As far as being called “son of b****es” many players attacked the president right back. The best response came from Colin Kaepernick’s mom.

Trump and many of the naysayers are forgetting that this peaceful protest is bigger than football. It is a reverse slave mentality in regards to having people tell us “just shut up and dance, shut up and entertain us.” When your favorite football team takes the field you love them and cheer for them to give you the big win. But once we take the pads, and jerseys off and become a black man again in America its the hell with us.

These same naysayers are the ones shouting “why can’t you protest peacefully” during Fergusons, Charlottesville and other protests we saw in the country. When we do as take a knee, it’s still a problem.

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Source: Youtube, Twitter, CNN