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The cable news network reports a 17 percent loss in ad revenue.

Well, it looks being Team Trump isn’t paying the bills over at his favorite news outlet. Fox News reported a major loss in ad revenue compared to their “Fake News” competition.

Fox News loss 17 percent of revenue due to outrageous reporting done by personalities like Sean Hannity that force advertisers to pull out. Latest debacle was when Hannity led a conspiracy theory on the death of DNC worker Seth Rich and tried to connect it to the Democratic party.

With that said, the right-wing cable network offered more expensive pricing for 30-second ads to air on its network compared to the competition. Hannity received $8,500 for 30-second ads compare to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow at $4,600. However, more advertisers are rushing to CNN and MSNBC for airtime which helped them overcome the ad pricing difference.

MSNBC reported a 2 percent increase and Trump’s most hated CNN lost just 1 percent.

To add MSNBC and CNN have seen a rise in viewership compare to Fox News. So it does seem that facts and the truth does matter to those who are willing to pay for airtime.

Source: Huffington Post