Well this is a pleasant surprise. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper made the surprise announcement on his show last night (April 30th) that he has a newborn son, Wyatt Morgan Cooper. Congratulations to the new dad. Check out his post below:   According to CNN, baby Cooper who was born via surrogate on Monday (April 27th). The 52-year-old Cooper […]

CNN is about to have melanin poppin all across our tv screens. Reports say the network is launching a new show with an all-black panel that will consist of Angela Rye, Bakari Sellers, April Ryan, and Andrew Gillum. According to, the idea came after the four appeared on “New Day With Alisyn Camerota and […]

Children today have mastered grabbing your phone and getting on YouTube as young as 2 years old. Technology has become something the young generation has continuously master while the older generation still struggle to adjust. ‘ Through all of the madness, one thing a parent is always working towards is protecting her child from anything […]

David Attenborough, one of the worlds leading broadcasters for Climate Change has expressed the need to get it under control. The biggest of the quotes caught by the people is the though that this could be the collapse of all civilizations. David Attenborough had a peoples seat to bring the attention to the United Nations […]

Media Outlets such as Fox News and CNN are coming together to fight the White House for their access to press meetings. There is a pending lawsuit against Trump by CNN and Jim Acosta. According to CNN, Fox news has been a very advocate ally for CNN “Secret Service passes for working White House journalists should […]

This dragging is brought to you for your viewing pleasures. At this point, we believe that CNN brings on commentator and Trump enthusiast Paris Dennard just for us to see him get dragged for filth. This time Paris and Republican strategist Rick Wilson debated on how we should handle the Stormy Daniels scandal that has rocked the […]

The cable news network reports a 17 percent loss in ad revenue. Well, it looks being Team Trump isn’t paying the bills over at his favorite news outlet. Fox News reported a major loss in ad revenue compared to their “Fake News” competition. Fox News loss 17 percent of revenue due to outrageous reporting done […]

While Donald Trump rose to the office of the U.S. Presidency from his auspicious start as a Republican presidential candidate turned nominee, political strategist Jeffrey Lord’s prominence at CNN increased as well. Hence why the former Reagan administration official has become a staple of the cable news channel‘s various programs, Real Time with Bill Maher, […]

Don Lemon has the attitude of a rapper these days — doing what he wants, when he wants and clapping back at anyone that wants problems with him. The latest victim to be dragged by OG Don is Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who accused the CNN anchor of refusing to cover allegations that former Obama official Susan Rice […]

Angela Rye held nothing back while slamming radio host Joe Walsh for saying the bar had been “lowered” for former President Barack Obama because he’s Black. During a debate on CNN, the political commentator repeatedly called Walsh a “bigot,”asking, “Did you or did you not say that the standard was lower because he was Black?” When Walsh […] Despite a spirited “rogue” rebuttal from Sen. Bernie Sanders, and a less than enthusiastic official response from the Democratic Party, Donald Trump’s first congressional address Tuesday night is drawing praise from all corners of the political spectrum. From cable news panels held moments after the president uttered his final words, to morning-after roundups praising […]

The celebrated anchor made the analogy during a SIRIUS radio interview on Thursday.   CNN anchor Chris Cuomo offered an apology after making a controversial comment that stirred up social media yesterday afternoon, POLITICO reports. During a Thursday interview with SIRIUS radio host Michael Smerconish, Cuomo likened use of the phrase “fake news” “as the equivalent of the n-word for […]