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So we have all heard the negative things about overthinking, which is very true, it can be unhealthy. Lets switch gears by talking bout all the benefits it can do as well so that next time you get to overthinking you can use it in a different way!

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1. You are a creativity person! 

most of the time as an over thinker you can come up with the best ideas, you just have to pick out one from all the ones floating around in your head! This can benefit you at work or with getting a gift for your love one because you have given it thought and time!

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2. You are a thoughtful person

You tend to replay conversations you may have had with others in your head with the hopes that you were helpful. When people ask for your advice you tend to be the best person because you overthink both sides and can give a great perspective to the topic! This is another way overthinking can be a good thing for you!

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3. You have high standards

Sometimes as a over-thinker you never seem to be satisfied with certain life goals and always strive for better. This is a good thing because you set high expectations for yourself and those around you!


There you have it! So next time toy get to feeling down for being such a overthink, remember these three reasons why its really a superpower when used correctly!