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I already know what you’re thinking. You’re saying to yourself, ‘I need a break but should I actually take vacations days if I am already working from home?’ Well, you’re not alone in those thoughts and experts say, yes, you should definitely still take vacation days.

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Expert Kenadi Silcox told LifeHacker, “Think of a regular vacation you’d take. When you splay out on the beach or read by the pool, the intention is to relax. A day off at home might not feel the same, but if you’ve spent the last few weeks working overtime, putting aside some time to just veg out in front of the TV isn’t a bad idea.”

She also suggests framing your paid time off request not as vacation but as more of a mental health day. Even if you’re only able to get a Monday or Friday off, she says taking a tiny break from your routine—and from work—can help prevent burnout as we all navigate a difficult time.

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According to CNBC, fear over job security might also be stopping some from taking time off. Your job has probably done a ton of terminating and furloughs and is likely short staffed. Some dread asking for time off in a time like this but experts warn that you need to take a break before you break.

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