Oh, it looks like Flavor Flav has officially been kicked out the group Public Enemy after 37 years hyping us up! Reports say that it’s all because of a Bernie Sanders rally. According to RollingStone, the firing came just 2 days after Flav (William Jonathon Drayton Jr.) sent a cease and desist letter to presidential […]

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While the hip hop world was going crazy over Remy Ma’s diss track against Nicki Minaj the political followers were clutching “paying their respect” to President Donald Trump after he got dragged in a single tweet from Senator Bernie Sanders. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! President Trump as always was boasting about his “millions of […]

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There is nothing we can do people, after 2 months we will be left with president-elect Donald Trump. However, that doesn’t mean we the people will not be ready to fight if you ask Democrat Bernie Sanders. Sanders took to Twitter to give Trump a warning to not attack minorities and women. Many reports are coming […]


Hillary Clinton officially has Bernie Sanders endorsement! At a joint rally today in New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders said he’ll do everything he can to make sure Hilary Clinton wins the White House. Never a dull moment in the race for the White House. Follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter: MistyJRadio source: 24/7 newssource

Hillary Clinton won California, and in doing so made history by becoming the first woman to become the Presidential nominee for a major political party. “So many of you feel like you’re out there on your own, that no one has your back. Well, I do. I hear you. I see you. And as your […]

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  Wendell Pierce, better known as “Bunk Moreland” from HBO’s The Wire, was arrested recently in Atlanta after an alleged altercation with a Bernie Sanders supporter.  TMZ had the inside scoop, here’s what their sources had to say: “Sources at the Loews Hotel in Atlanta tell us the actor struck up a convo with the woman […]

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This is the perfect interview to get started with if you're not familiar with the junior U.S. senator of Vermont.

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  Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders walked out of an on-camera interview yesterday when he a reporter started grilling him about his wife. Reports say the question was about Sanders’ wife Jane having a meeting with an outspoken racist in Arizona. Check out what his response was here. [Gawker] Earlier this week, a power cable inside Washington D.C’s […]

Hillary Clinton is getting a lot of backlash for comments made on Reagan's AIDS Revisionism during Nancy Reagan's funeral.

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  Roland Martin and the  co-creator of Black And Brown People Vote Ifeoma Clark, Trinity Baptist Church Pastor Victor Davis and the President/CEO of the Columbus Urban…

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On Sunday night, TV One’s Roland Martin and CNN’s Jake Tapper host a Democratic presidential town hall ahead of Tuesday’s pivotal primary races in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio. Check here for live updates: UPDATED: 9:54 PM EST Clinton vowed to go after the gun lobby when asked what she would do to combat gun violence in impoverished communities. “I’m […]

#‎Lovers‬ welcome to another week of Love And R&B! You’re listening to Teresa Marie in for John Monds all this week. Tonight we’re hosting the Ohio Democratic Town Hall from 8pm-10pm tonight which is airing ‪right now on TV One‬. This season will go down in history as a GAME CHANGER and Radio One is committed to […]