El Debarge got arrested last Friday after chasing a man out of a LA home and busting out the windows to an RV with a wrench. An argument ensued inside El allegedly chased the man outside, the man hid an RV and El found him then began to break the window with a wrench. The […]

Trey Songz will not be facing felony assault charges in the case of the women he allegedly hit at the Hollywood Hills party. Reportedly, there were eye witnesses with statements that contradicted what Andrea Buera said happened.     Even though he will not face felony charges, the case will be referred to the L.A. […]

Drake has always been known as the nice guy and his recent gesture just does more to prove it. According to TMZ, the rapper told authorities to drop a felony burglary case against the Pennsylvania woman for breaking into his house and stealing sodas. Sources reveal that Drizzy’s lawyer contacted L.A. County and made it clear […]

Breezy was tested for drugs after his arrest, and authorities may have found something.


According to Fox 28, applicants for civil-service jobs in Ohio are no longer being asked whether they’ve been convicted of a felony. Ohio is joining other states and municipalities as part of the “ban the box” movement beginning Monday and removing the yes-or-no question that’s been asked of applicants to thousands of state government positions, […]