Denzel Washington might not have won an Oscar Sunday night, but he did get to leave with his integrity. On the first night back at work hosting his late night show on Monday, Jimmy Kimmel revealed how Denzel came to the rescue in the final moments of the Oscars ceremony after a flustered Faye Dunaway wrongfully […]

The King of the South stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday and opened up about protesting the recent election results.

Jimmy Kimmel tapped Ice Cube and friends to rework some of their smashes #ForTheCulture – and for the kids.

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As Eazy-E’s legacy begins to ignite, many fans have been reminded that the 31-year-old rapper died in 1995 due to complications from AIDS. As it’s…

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One of the best segments on Jimmy Kimmel Live is when he let’s celebrities read mean tweets about themselves and react to them!  Check out President Obama reading his mean tweets…..where the haters at?!     Follow me on Instagram  @Nia_Noelle or Twitter @NiaNoelleRadio  

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    Jimmy Kimmel‘s ‘Mean Tweets‘ series gets another music installment, as Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Katy Perry and many more find out how people feel…


Do you have some people you need to unfriend on social media? If so, why put off for tomorrow, what you can do today. Actually, today is a perfect day to do it. According to ABC, it’s National Unfriend Day! What started as a silly holiday by Jimmy Kimmel a few years ago has turned into an […]

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For the past three years late night host Jimmy Kimmel has convinced parents across the country to prank their children by telling them they ate all of their Halloween candy and record it.  The reactions are classic… check out the best of 2014   Follow me on Instagram @Nia_Noelle or Twitter @NiaNoelle  

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Jimmy Kimmel went to visit his friends at Legends Barbershop in LA to ask their thoughts about the Donald Sterling scandal…and they had a lot…

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How would you react if a random 6 foot man who looked a lot like Drake walked up to you on the street and asked…


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you told your kids that you ate their Halloween candy? Jimmy Kimmel challenged parents to find out!