*With the Internet providing all the naked-ness and debauchery you could want … and for free, it looks like there’s not much use for Playboy…

In August of 1974, Beverly Johnson became the first African-American model to grace the cover of Vogue. She went on from there to have a…

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Bill Cosby came clean about the exact “type” of women he sought out. A newly discovered section of his decade-old deposition revealed the vulnerable young women the comedian recruited from…


Boycott @Cosmopolitan this is downright disgusting. pic.twitter.com/WJme0LbnLK — spencer hastings (@KillioussBey) April 1, 2015   A controversial Cosmopolitan article has surfaced, and now some are…


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What happens when you get ousted as editor from one of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazines? Well, you write about it, of course, revealing — among other distasteful details — that models are eating tissues to curb hunger pangs. Longtime Vogue Australia Editor Kirstie Clements was fired in May after 25 years of service […]


 The web is full of gripes — justified, most of the time — about the overuse of Photoshop in advertisements today. From slimming way, way down to airbrushing skin to the point of no return, models are subjected post-photo shoot to a vast array of digital alterations before they’re deemed appropriate for mass consumption. Dove […]

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A photo of a fresh-faced and long-limbed 1960s model has caught the admiration of Reddit users today. “Va va voom, what a gal,” commented user Kaneshadow. SOURCE RELATED:: Michael Winans Jr. Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison for Elaborate Investment Scam RELATED:: Fantasia Breaks Down In Powerful ‘Lose To Win’ Music Video, Explains New Look


Since they’re size 12 or up, these gorgeous models are technically plus size.