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Dr. King turning over in his grave.

Looks like even some of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Kuther King Jr’s own blood is stuck in a sunken place.

We saw Dr. King Jr’s own nephew Isaac Newton Farris, Jr stand with President Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson as the president try to save face after his “shithole” comments went public on Friday. To make matters worst Farris Jr said he doesn’t believe the president is racist.

“I personally don’t think that President Trump is a racist in the traditional sense. I think that President Trump is racially uninformed or racially ignorant,” Farris Jr said to CNN.

So just because the president doesn’t have on a white hood and is burning crosses doesn’t make him a racist? His uncle if alive would agree that base on the words and actions of president Trump shows he is clearly a racist, wouldn’t he?

Farris Jr is the president and CEO of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. Many civil rights leaders like Sen. John Lewis, Rev. Al Sharpton and much more have condemned Farris Jr on his viewpoints on the president.

Do you agree with Dr. King Jr’s nephew that the president is not a racist but “racially ignorant?”

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