Black History Month

Meet 2021 Future History Maker Winner, Kendall White! Kendall White is a native of Cincinnati yet graduate of Ohio Dominican University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. He has used education to lead and serve his peers as recipient of the “Outstanding Leader” Award 2017-2018, using his influence to collect 1,200 books for […]

National News

Media Outlets such as Fox News and CNN are coming together to fight the White House for their access to press meetings. There is a pending lawsuit against Trump by CNN and Jim Acosta. According to CNN, Fox news has been a very advocate ally for CNN “Secret Service passes for working White House journalists should […]

National News

One 4-year-old boy recently proved that all the world really needs is love and acceptance. According to ABC, Jax Rosebush pleaded with his mother to have his haircut to match best friend, who is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa, hoping their teacher would no longer be able to tell them apart. Jax […]


Black Women have an age old argument that black men prefer to date outside of their race as oppose to getting with a sista. So when black celebs like Tyrese, who publicly speaks about black love and black lives, marries a woman who doesn’t look what some would consider black enough, black women waste no […]

National News

Rachel Dolezal became the face for challenging identity and beliefs when it was discovered that she was a white woman, living her life and identifying as a black woman. After publishing a book, receiving major backlash and becoming the laughing stock of the Internet, Dolezal is now speaking out about her current life conditions, revealing […]

Misty J

The value of the most famous home in America has gone up, 15% over the past eight years. According to Zillow, the White House is now worth just under 398-million dollars. The White House has 132 rooms and 32 bathrooms, tennis and basketball courts. Zillow says if you were to take out a standard 30-year […]

National News

According to reports, the Ku Klux Klan is planning a victory march in North Carolina to celebrate Trump's presidential success.

National News

One flier, titled “Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men,” highlights individual violent relationships between Black men and White women.


The singer published an eye-opening essay about being a person of color in a predominately White environment.


It’s no mystery that there are white members of historically Black fraternities across the country. Although they are historically Black, there has been changes in all greek organizations that allows for no discrimination. There are also some famous non black members of historically Black fraternities and sororities. MYCOLUMBUSMAGIC.COM – Sign Up For Our Newsletter! BUT […]

News & Gossip

The latest viral sensation on Twitter is video of a white girl being punched clean in the face by a black girl named Aleeyah after she called her the n-word. Watch below: Aleeyah explained on Twitter, “We pulled up at her house after she said she was gonna blow my head off. …We were seeing […]

Cbus, WTTE Exclusives

KENT– A national playwright is speaking out after a Kent State University adaptation of her production featured a white actor portraying Martin Luther King, Jr.…