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You’re Disrespectful

“Even worse you put him down in public. If he doesn’t pick up on your disrespect because he is infatuated with you, trust me his friends will and they will tell him. Showing a man respect will speak volumes in a world where every other show makes fun of the dumb-good-for-nothing man. If you’re an eye-roller, check your attitude.”

You’re Desperate

“You have that looking your eye. Guys can spot it a mile away, that is, the girls who are just looking for a ring. Don’t ask leading questions, don’t interview him, and don’t tell him about your biological clock. We men are smarter than you think. We know exactly what you’re after.”

You Weren’t Present

“Sometimes we’re so nervous about what we should say next or whether or not our date thinks we’re funny, pretty or smart, that we have trouble staying in the moment. If you spend your entire date wondering if your kids will have his ears or whether or not he wants a destination wedding too, you’re going to miss the whole thing. And nobody wants to have a second date with someone who stared blankly at them and respond with a, “huh”? when asked a question.”

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