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“My comments on Twitter expressed my personal beliefs.”

That is what ESPN’s Jemele Hill had to say when addressing the recent backlash and discussion over her President Donald Trump tweet.

It all started when Hill took to her personal Twitter page to state she believes Trump is a white supremacist.

The tweets engulf her in a battle between pro-Trump supporters, and the White House. Opinions from the White House Press Secretary Sarah Hucklebee Sanders asked for ESPN to fire Hill.

Many of her colleagues and everyday Americans came out in Hill’s defense.Whether they believed what she said was to be true or that it was her Freedom of Speech to say how she feels.

After Hill’s apology, ESPN said they accepted her apology and said: “she realizes her actions were inappropriate.

Let us remind you that even today, September 14, Trump took the time to reiterate that his “both sides” comment is still correct and he sees nothing wrong comparing white supremacists to civil rights activists. So while people are upset that someone would call their president a white supremacist, are you more angry with that one person’s conclusion or your president siding with white supremacists?

Do you feel that Jemele Hill should have to apologize for calling Trump a white supremacist?

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