Trina had a very stressful trip to Wally World this past weekend as she went completely ballistic on a white woman who allegedly called her a Ni&&a B*tch! Trina’s rant was all caught on video. Check out the footage below. ****Explicit Language**** According to, Trina reportedly bumped into the woman while shopping and the […]


  Jeffrey Whitman the Columbus business owner that went viral after being caught on video calling Charles Lovett, a black man, the N-word.  Whitman is the owner of riah’s Heating, Cooling Refrigeration and became upset with Lovett after encountering each other in traffic and followed Lovett home to “express” himself in a very racist way. RELATED STORY: […]

  Already! It was one of the biggest reboots of the year, but now the “Roseanne’ show has been canceled due to a racist tweet that the actress/comedian posted about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett, implying that she was the result of what it looks like when muslim brotherhood meets planet of the apes.     ABC […]

Once again, Kim Zolciak has the internet talking. Last night was part three of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion show and Kim was in the hot seat the entire time she graced the stage. It was what was said after the show was over that she made remarks that a lot of people didn’t […]

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Coretta Scott King told Y’all who Sessions is. Many of you won’t find this new speech made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions surprising. The historically documented racist spoke at the National Sherriff’s Association winter conference and vowed to protect “Anglo-American Heritage” within law enforcement. Anglo-American is a fancy way to say, white people. According to CNN, […]

The principal of Bishop Hendricken High School in Rhode Island has retired abruptly after a video that was secretly recorded in his office show him making racist comments against blacks and jews. Jay Brennan has been the principal of the school for over 40 years. There is no word on who recorded the video or […]

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Dr. King turning over in his grave. Looks like even some of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Kuther King Jr’s own blood is stuck in a sunken place. We saw Dr. King Jr’s own nephew Isaac Newton Farris, Jr stand with President Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson as the president try to save face after […]

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North Cobb County High School is currently under investigation after racist comments allegedly made by a student went viral on social media. A spokesperson for the school said the racially-charged social media post was brought to the attention of officials at the school. Police confirmed the person involved was a student but wouldn’t comment on […]


The man later called that same Walmart location to cancel his follow-up appointment.  Supervisors had already assigned employees to watch out for him in case he had returned.   A woman who posted a Facebook video of a man telling a Texas Walmart worker to “go to your own countries” is demanding the retailer do more […]

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A Virginia waitress is the latest American to experience serious racial prejudice.

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An ex-employee of a Versace retail store in the Bay area is calling out his former employers for extreme racist behavior. According to the former staffer, Versace secretly alerts staffers when an African-American person enters the store. In the lawsuit filed by the man, it says that a manager told him about a store code called “D410,” which […]

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Donald Trump supporters are like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're going to get.