The 2010 November election did not turn out as expected for the Democratic Party. The GOP dominated the election; including winning back the governor’s seat from Ted Strickland. John Kasich will be Ohio’s new governor in 2011. The incumbent democratic are not to blame for losing the election. They were out campaigning just as hard if not harder than the GOP. I attended the America’s Moving Forward rally at Ohio State which featured President Obama. There were approximately 40,000 people there. All of whom were very enthusiastic and supporting the democrats. The extremely low percentage of African Americans who actually voted is to blame. I don’t why we as a culture do not vote after we fought for the right to for so long. Even after getting a African American president our ways have not changed. The government is supposed to be a representation of the people, but it can only represent the people that participate in the election. So if we want the economy to improve on our behalf we have to elect people that represent us. Obama cannot do it all for us we must help him by putting people around him who will support his policies. This election is over and we messed up, but let’s not make this mistake again. Re-elect Barack Obama for president in 2012.

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