It’s a lot of happy and super mellow senior citizens out there as the number of older people using marijuana has multiplied. According to a new study out Monday (February 24th), use among Americans age 65 and older grew by 75 percent in just four years. That’s huge! Who has the this increase affected the […]

Good news for marijuana smokers in L.A. County who caught a charge! Your conviction may very well be overturned. L.A. county is willing to overturn decades old minor marijuana convictions thanks to the help of a non-profit organization called, ‘Code for America.’ According to APNews, marijuana was legalized in California in 2016 but there are […]

Marijuana is big business and the state of Illinois helped to prove that point as it generated $3.2 million dollars on day one of recreational marijuana sales. According to the Chicago Tribune, Illinois is the 11th state to legalize recreational weed, and only Oregon had a comparable first-day performance. Dispensaries reported long lines which they […]


    A school safety and security officer at Marion-Franklin High School was alerted Wednesday morning that someone was smoking marijuana in a school bathroom.  Upon entering the area just outside of a bathroom the officer stopped Waki Malik Bryant, a student, and searched his backpack. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   […]


Police in Madison County, Ohio seize Approximately 1.2 million dollars worth of Marijuana. The police found about 250 pounds during a traffic stop. State police stopped a truck for speeding on 70 east.They had said to seen signs of criminal Activity. Once the offender was puled over they had a K-9 unit Search his vehicle.To […]


Franklin County Deputies stumbled upon 500 pounds of marijuana in a home off of Buena Vista Avenue on Prairie Township, after responding to other matters at a nearby motel.  The odor was said to have been so strong that local officials decided to investigate.   After obtaining a search warrant to enter the home of Greg […]


Police were responding to a call at a hotel when they smelled a very strong odor of marijuana coming from a nearby house.  Franklin County Deputies approached the house on Buena Vista Avenue on Prairie Township, and say Greg Grossholz walked out of the front door. They got a warrant and found approximately 500 pounds of processed marijuana […]

According to a new survey, nearly 1 in 11 U.S. students have used marijuana in electronic cigarettes! E-cigarettes typically contain nicotine, but 2.1 million middle and high school students have used them to get high. The rise in teenagers using them has alarmed health officials are alarmed by the rise in teenagers vaping marijuana. Recently, the […]


The Ohio statewide deadline to open and be operational is September 8th.  Leaving only months to get everything in order.  Ohio’s Board of Pharmacy unanimously approved licenses for 7 are dispensaries in the Cincinnati area. Sign Up to Get Exclusive News and Contest in Your Inbox:   56 dispensaries will open in Ohio in September and the […]


On April 20, the cannabis community will be celebrating 4/20; a day in that began as a weed smoking moment of solidarity. As years went by, it’s eventually evolved into a day of awareness and myth busting. There’s still a lot of weed smoking, though. Regardless of anyone’s personal stance on cannabis, everyone likely realizes […]

Celebrity News

  Since the horrific 2009 incident where he physically assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna, R&B star Chris Brown has been on a continuous downward spiral. There have been multiple arrests, pressed charges, messy breakups, online fights and numerous attacks on the media, but Billboard has released a detailed account of just how deep and serious Brown’s problems […]

National News

Phoenix Police took things to a new level by pressuring 19-year-old Edgar Castro with marijuana consumption. Edgar says the officers gave him a choice of eating the marijuana he was caught with or going to jail.” The incident occurred back in September and the officers in question, Officers Richard Pina, Jason McFadden and Michael Carnicle, have […]