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Ok, so this is an interesting study! Just how long do men wait to change their sheets after a sexual encounter? What a new study reveals may surprise you.

Let's never get out of bed

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According to a new study from Mattress Advisor, men say they wait about 11 days to change sheets that have been “soiled through sexual activity,” while women said they’ve waited about four days. Is that answer surprising to you?

It gets better! Apparently, people think one night stands are less disgusting because men said they wait 18 days after a one night stand to change their sheets and women saying they wait two days. In general, men say they only change their sheets every 45 days. The average person changes their sheets every 24 days and feels that their sheets get “gross” after 35 days.

What’s even more interesting is that 43 percent of men said they will change their sheets before a night out if there’s a possibility of sex later on (as did 33% of women), and those with partners reported changing their sheets more often, with married couples changing their sheets most often, according to

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