the rock

When you and your team has major coins, you can make major purchases. It looks like the XFL will be coming back yet again, with a group including actor and former WWE star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson agreeing to buy it yesterday (August 3rd) for some $15 million. According to ESPN, the XFL declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy […]

If I was “The Rock”, I would be smiling like this too! It has just been announced that he is making a whopping $20 million for the new movie he will be starring in. The 45 yr old will be starring in new flick called, Red Notice. This new role comes after the surprise success […]

When does another man tell another man what he can and can’t do? An innocent Instagram post now has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a petty war with “Fast and Furious” co-star Tyrese. Johnson simply shared a motivating and personal IG post about his #GetShitDone table where he has made some of the biggest Hollywood […]

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is officially the world’s highest paid actor! Forbes’ named The Rock the highest-paid actor on their annual Highest Paid Celebrities list. He earned a cool $64.5 million this past year. Here’s a piece of what he said on Instagram after he got the news: “The first thing I said was “Aw sh*t!’ Receiving […]

    There hasn’t been much seen about Central Intelligence beside some playful Instagram antagonism between Kevin Hart and The Rock. That’s no surprise since the flick doesn’t hit theaters until the middle of next summer. However, Friday finally saw the a teaser. You have The Rock playing the socially aloof CIA agent who recruits his high school buddy Kevin […]

The Rock is our man friend in our head. The Ballers’ star’s Instagram feed continues to be a wealth of funny videos, motivational quotes and, of course, sexy photos. But his latest post features him getting down in what he calls “post cardio bliss” to iHeart Memphis’ Hit The Quan. Check it out in the adorable video below. […]

Dwayne Johnson stars in the new movie “San Andreas” and let’s just say, it has Oleebo’s attention. Listen to the audio player to hear what…

The stars of the Fast 7  headed to the red carpet in L.A. for the premiere of the latest installment in the series. Check out…