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cell phone bill1. Ask yourself: where’s my focus right now?

Every time you check your smart phone, tablet, Mac, etc., in the company of someone else, you are communicating that whatever is happening in your Inbox, FB profile or Twitter is more important than the person you are being with. Are you sure that is what you want to communicate? Be aware of the messages you are sending out – not just on your phone, but also in real life.

2. Switch it off: first impressions cannot be repeated.

Maybe you can excuse yourself in front of your friends, but what about going on a first date and checking your phone all the time? Not many things can be more important than finding the One, so don’t leave a bad impression in your date partner. Be strong: to avoid the temptation, switch off your Internet, or your entire phone when you are meeting someone.

3. Create Internet-free zones in your flat.

After getting my first smart phone, two months later I realized that I am taking it even to the bathroom just to use my time as effectively as possible. If you are on the Internet, you are not present. The thousand pieces of information you receive by the minute keep your brain “high” all day, leaving no space for relaxation.

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